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It’s been 6 weeks since Roi and I received the Amega Zero Point Energy Wand and we started using it immediately. My neighbor RP came down to use it every day for three days and her neck and back pain went away. It was chronic pain for three years. We’ve had many success stories already!

When using the AMWands remember to focus your intent into reminding the cells that they are indeed connected to Source energy. At that level of zero point energy the cells are vibrating at a high level of peace, joy and happiness.

As you might know sickness is a low vibration and wellness is a high vibration. The Amega wands increase the cell’s connection to god and therefore they are more capable of retuning to homeostasis.The zero point energy is high vibration. Only the body can heal. Don’t fall into the trap of giving credit to the wand for healing —  the body is the one who heals itself.

You can help others and also create a good income at your home business when you sign up as a distributor of these wands. It is easy to do and very rewarding.  We’ll be glad to help you get started.


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