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We have noticed a large quantity of these stainless steel energy healing wands being sold to one person who lives in Texas. We wondered why he was buying so many and we asked him why and how was he using these  wands.

Amega wand2  He is taping them to water pipes to help structure the life force energy of the water. He says he can measure this energy and indeed the water is purer and healthier… when it flows near the zero point energy wands.

This is a simple idea that is inexpensive and the wand can be found here: at the Reiki Ranch Health product Store

Buy energy healing wands and use them to enhance your water!

You can tape the wands on the incoming water pipes for the house.


We were giving a demonstration of the zero point energy healing wands one evening in Puyallup, Washington.

After the short talk and discussion as to how the omega wand zero point energy wands work we gave individual demonstrations for those in the audience who had pain.

One man had driven trucks for over 30 years and he had severe lower back pain.

I used the wand on him for a few minutes and he seemed to have  little relief. Well, I wanted the back pain to go completely away. So I asked my husband to bring his wand over and we zapped him — one from the front and one from the back for a few minutes. Guess what the chronic lower back pain was about 90% gone.

We thought this was pretty good just for a few minutes of pointing the zero point energy there!



It’s been 6 weeks since Roi and I received the Amega Zero Point Energy Wand and we started using it immediately. My neighbor RP came down to use it every day for three days and her neck and back pain went away. It was chronic pain for three years. We’ve had many success stories already!

When using the AMWands remember to focus your intent into reminding the cells that they are indeed connected to Source energy. At that level of zero point energy the cells are vibrating at a high level of peace, joy and happiness.

As you might know sickness is a low vibration and wellness is a high vibration. The Amega wands increase the cell’s connection to god and therefore they are more capable of retuning to homeostasis.The zero point energy is high vibration. Only the body can heal. Don’t fall into the trap of giving credit to the wand for healing —  the body is the one who heals itself.

You can help others and also create a good income at your home business when you sign up as a distributor of these wands. It is easy to do and very rewarding.  We’ll be glad to help you get started.

The Zero Point healing wand is a new product for raising the frequency of the cells in the body and thereby helping the cells and the organs to choose health and well-being. It enhances the immune system.

Check out this description: Reiki Ranch talks about the Zero Point Energy Healing tools

The zero point tool has been on the drawing board for almost twenty years by a group of quantum physicists. Amega is the Singapore company who brought the zero point tools to the market. It was just brought to the USA in January 2010. The products have been sold by network marketing in Singapore and several other Asian countries for 4 years already and have 1/2 million happy users.

These other websites also give articles about the new product.

Amega Global — Healing Wands

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Eamega Bracelets Zero Energy

Zero Point Energy Wand this will take you to listen to testimonial calls

Join our marketing team and help others become pain free! Enjoy a wealthy and a healthy life with this opportunity. When you join our “easyhealing” team we will help you get hot leads and make sales.

Call Taylore and Roi 360-748-4426 forgetting sponsored and set up in business.

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