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The Zero Point healing wand is a new product for raising the frequency of the cells in the body and thereby helping the cells and the organs to choose health and well-being. It enhances the immune system.

Check out this description: Reiki Ranch talks about the Zero Point Energy Healing tools

The zero point tool has been on the drawing board for almost twenty years by a group of quantum physicists. Amega is the Singapore company who brought the zero point tools to the market. It was just brought to the USA in January 2010. The products have been sold by network marketing in Singapore and several other Asian countries for 4 years already and have 1/2 million happy users.

These other websites also give articles about the new product.

Amega Global — Healing Wands

Zero Point Amega Wand

Eamega Bracelets Zero Energy

Zero Point Energy Wand this will take you to listen to testimonial calls

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